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​​​​​​​Hi there, I have always had a hankering for historical uses of our natural herbs in helping with health and wellness. This is why I sell a variety of these teas that I hope you will like and find helpful in improving any symptoms you may have, but they need to be combined with a healthy and active lifestyle, that includes eating healthily.
I'm not saying to start using them instead of prescribed medicines or visiting your doctor with a problem, but they have very useful properties that can help with anything from a common cold to a stressful situation, and much more  - I just like the fact that our Ancestors used to rely on these for every day problems. Its good to have a 'balance' of the old-ways and modern.  Matt
​​​​​​​CAFFEINE has been removed from our DECAFFEINATED LOOSE LEAF TEAS using the Co2 extraction method, considered to be the safest of all the processing methods, and uses pressurised liquid Carbon Dioxide to extract the small caffeine molecules found in the tea.  As the flavour molecules are much larger, they tend to remain intact, and therefore the flavour of the tea is not compromised, unlike molecules subjected to Methylene chloride or Ethyl Acetate when chemical processes are used.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please note that some of our teas contain allergens and are stated in the description of the appropriate tea