Hi I am Matt and I own Daily Grind: Coffee and Tea Merchant.  You can find my weekly up-dates on my FACEBOOK page.

I have Asperger's (high functioning autism) and it has been important for me to get out and to socialise, so it is nice meeting customers and other stall holders at the regular markets I attend.  I am self taught and am supported and mentored by my parents, Steve and Val, who accompany me at markets and fairs, and help me with administration etc. I source the best products for my customers from three established UK suppliers who travel the world to find the finest quality coffee beans and loose leaf green and black teas, and tisanes (fruit teas), and who support farmers with small holdings as well as sourcing from the large Estates. We also purchase one speciality Fair Trade and certified organic coffee direct from America.

I sell whole coffee beans and beans I grind to suit various different coffee machines. Strengths sold are from 3 to 7/8 - Medium to Ultra Strong.  The Arabica beans include some from Single Origin Estates, Fair Trade and organic farms and Rainforest Alliance - certified coffee farms.  Some of the coffees are a blend of beans (and may also contain Robusta beans) that are particularly good for espresso machines, but my coffees can be used in all types of coffee apparatus. I also have flavoured varieties (some seasonal) using natural ingredients, or decaffeinated using non chemical processes.  All are roasted to perfection.  Please read my 'List of Coffees' page for the coffees I sell and prices of packs.

Many of my packs of loose leaf black and green teas contain teas from single Estates, large plantations and are hand picked for greater quality, some are grown on small holdings.  Other packs of teas are a blend of teas from various countries.  I also sell herbal teas and rooibos teas, decaffeinated teas, and fruit/flower tisanes.  Please read my 'List of Teas & Tisanes' page for the teas I sell and prices of packs.

Any allergenic ingredients are clearly written on the ingredients labels I place on the back of the packs of coffees or teas I sell.

Sadly the coronavirus outbreak means we are unable to sell at Markets during some months of 2020.  I had hoped to start selling biodegradable, plastic free tea bags  from the Spring and to add more organic coffee beans to our selection.  If you visit my FACEBOOK page you will find out when we will be up and running again and new supplies added to our stock. 

I also sell a small selection of tea and coffee packs at 'MADE BY KENT' Gift Shop in Staplehurst, Kent

My Daily Grind: Coffee and Tea Merchant business is registered with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and after being inspected by the food safety officer is considered as 'Exempt' from needing a Food Rating

I have had an interest in loose leaf tea and coffee products for a few years having taken the coffee business over from some friends, and started trading in August 2012, when I had a small area in my parents' shop, Pantiles Books and Papertole, in the historic Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells and introduced loose leaf and bagged teas.  I moved to Goudhurst as owner of Goudhurst Books and The Daily Grind Coffee & Tea Merchant, a unique, independent shop that opened in September 2015, but ceased trading in April 2017 due to poor footfall.  Since that time I have been selling my packs of teas, coffees and accessories at local Village and Farmers' Markets. 

As I have a stock of secondhand books and ephemera to sell after giving up the shop, my Dad sells these for me at BOOK FAIRS in Lewes, Tunbridge Wells and Tenterden regularly, and occasionally at  Faversham and Wye BOOK FAIRS. He also attends the Angel Centre Fleamarket in Tonbridge and the Tunbridge Wells Collector's Fairs from time to time.

Information about dates for these events can be found on my DG RARE BOOKS FACEBOOK page

I also sell books and ephemera online at abebooks.co.uk under the Bookseller name of DG RARE BOOKS